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The Politics of Shark Attacks

Christopher Neff is an American PhD student at the University of Sydney conducting the first doctoral thesis on the “politics of shark attacks.” He is examining the factors that impact policy responses to shark bites in South Africa, Australia and the United States.

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Academic Conference Presentations:

Neff, C. (2012, September) “Science, Policy and Public Discourse of Shark Attack: A Proposal for reclassifying Human-Shark Interactions.” Presented at the Australian Political Studies Association Conference (APSA), Tasmania, Australia.

Neff, C. (2011, December) “Applying Shark Attack Policy Responses to Carnivore Conservation Strategies.” Presented at the International Conference for Conservation Biology (ICCB), Auckland, New Zealand.

Neff, C. (2011, May) “How Shark Attacks Impact Shark Conservation: Comparing frames and public policies in 1929,1935 and 2009 in Australia.” Presented at the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC). Vancouver, Canada.

Invited Presentations:

Neff, C. (2012, October) “Human-Shark Conflicts and Public Policy Options.” Presented at Risk Management for Shark Attack in Reunion Island Technical Meeting. Reunion Island Regional Council. Reunion Island, France.

Neff, C. (2012, March) “Doctoral Research Findings.” Presented at Shark Hazard Community Engagement Strategy Workshop. Department of Fisheries WA. Perth, Western Australia.

Neff, C. and Hobbins, P. (2012, February) Dangerous Animals Seminar. Co-presented before the Human-Animal Relations Network Research Cluster.


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